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Specifically designed to help athletes and sports professionals manage and control their finances efficiently. This service focuses on providing solutions adapted to the needs and financial peculiarities of athletes, considering aspects such as variable income, expenses related to competitions and events, contracts, among others.

Image by Serena Repice Lentini

Key features and functions of this service include:


1. Custom Budget: Offers the ability to create a custom budget based on each athlete's specific income and expenses. This may include income from salaries, sponsorships, awards, among others.


2. Income and expense tracking: Allows you to keep a detailed record of all income and expenses associated with your sports career, such as competition fees, travel, coaches, sports equipment, medical expenses, among others.


3. Expense Categorization: Automatically classifies expenses into different categories relevant to the sports world, making it easy to identify areas where spending can be optimized. Event and Competition Planning: Helps schedule and budget expenses related to sporting events, such as travel, accommodations, registrations and meals.


4. Alerts and notifications: Provides alerts and reminders to keep athletes informed about expenses close to the established budget or pending payments.


5. Integration with banking systems: Can be integrated with bank accounts and credit cards to facilitate automatic import of transactions and financial data.


6. Long-term financial planning: Allows athletes to establish long-term financial goals, such as planning for sports retirement or future investments. In summary, the budget and expense management service for athletes is an essential tool for those involved in the sports world, as it provides them with greater control and visibility over their finances, facilitating more effective management of income and expenses associated with his career.


All this subtopics can ensure financial stability over time and allows them to focus on their athletic performance without unnecessary financial worries.

Nuestro objetivo como agencia es acompañar a los tenistas en su camino al éxito profesional y personal, sin importar la etapa de su carrera en la que se encuentran.


Por este motivo y dado que entendemos que, hoy por hoy, la distribución de los premios está lejos de ser la ideal nos comprometemos a que por cada tenista que acepte trabajar con nosotros, sumamos otro/a sin cobrarle honorarios.*


De esta manera, trabajaremos junto a los chicos y chicas que, con menos recursos, luchan día a día para lograr su mejor versión.

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